Non-Traditional Jobs

Employees holding non-traditional jobs at Harley-Davidson’s York, PA factory.

Keith 'Bones' Stamets - Non-Trad Safety Specialist (1st Shift)
Keith “Bones” StametsNon-Trad Safety Specialist (1st Shift).

Job description:

Employee(s) assigned to these position(s) will work in the Safety Department and receive direction from salaried Safety Professionals and will provide support in the implementation, management and continuous improvement of the Health and Safety Management System including all Health and Safety policies, processes and programs for the facility. Provide support and guidance to all employees, including plant leadership, in all areas of industrial safety.  Contact Keith for all your safety concerns on 1st shift.

Open Position - Non-Trad Safety Specialist (3rd Shift)
Open PositionNon-Trad Safety Specialist (3rd Shift).   Contact ??? for all your safety concerns on 3rd shift.

Kevin 'Smokey' Barley - Advance Manufacturing Fabrication Technical Trainer
  Kevin ‘Smokey’ Barley – Advance Manufacturing Fabrication Technical Trainer.

My 3 year position started 1/1/2020

My responsibilities include work instructions and  hands on training of all facets of fabricating  new products, press, laser trimming, laser welding, robotic welding, manual weld repair, leak test, and polish.

I am responsible for setting up the scheduling of all facets of the Aluminum training. Weld theory, weld test, Fronius equipment.

Phil Bronson - Non-Trad. Fabrication Technical Trainer
  Phil Bronson – Non-Trad. Fabrication Technical Trainer.

Troy Helwig - Non-Trad. Paint Specialist
Troy HelwigNon-Trad. Paint Specialist.

David Sutton - Non-Trad. Paint Specialist
David SuttonNon-Trad. Paint Specialist.

open position - Advanced Assembly
Open Position: Advanced Assembly

Sean Frazier - Advanced Assembly
Sean Frazier: Advanced Assembly.

Joshua Miller - Advanced Assembly
Joshua MillerAdvanced Assembly.   

Ronald Kessler - Training
Ronald ‘Ron’ Kessler: Training   

Angela (Stacy) Berkheimer - Training
Angela ‘Stacy’ Berkheimer : Training   

Richard Danglovitch - Assembly CI Specialist
Richard DanglovitchAssembly CI Specialist   

Open Position - Maintenance Non-Trad. Mechanic

Open Position - Maintenance Non-Trad. Electrician

Open Position - Maintenance Non-Trad. Toolmaker